Warrior Women Photos

Powerful Women

Calisto is Xena's arch enemy.........She's also very sexy in a hard femme kind of way! She could kick Gabrielle's ass! Anyway, there are also a couple of pictures of Joan of Arc, and even a couple of me and my warrior puppy. I'm searching for more warrior pics to include and will be updating site daily or at least weekly. So come back again. Also feel free to download GIFS or any other desired images.

Chyna is buff as hell!
Xena holding Gabrielle

Calisto ready to battle

Joan of Arc as portrayed in 1880 as the Virgin Warrior

Joan of Arc from the movie Messenger
The Sword of Life

Picture of warrior Sarah taken late Dec. 2002
Valesca, an Amazon Woman on Xena

Ripley and Connie, my other pup battling!
Me and my puppy, Ripley Sept. 2002

Playing cowgirl on April 18th, 2003
Me and my Girl, April 18th, 2003